3 reasons why you should  bend backwards 


1.Opens up the Heart Chakra

Back bends open you out completely , working intensely on the heart chakra. and prana vayu.

Physical action of opening the chest creates space for the lungs enabling you to breathe better.

When you breathe better your state of mind changes to a state of peace, freedom and equanimity.

2.Strengthens the spinal muscles .

I strongly believe “A healthy spine is a healthy mind”

Our spines are an incredible combination of strength and flexibility – of Sthira and Sukha. Strong bones and large muscles give us structure and protect sensitive nerves while flexible ligaments and tendons allow the spine to move in all different planes.

3.Breaks Barriers

Initially backbends seem crazy , impossible to get into those weird poses you wonder if your crazy to even bother trying them, but then as you go ahead you realize its nothing but breaking your own barriers in your mind through your body.
And the feeling of rejuvenation is felt at a cellular level when the body,mind and breath are working in harmony .